Flora Oleum

Our Philosophy


FLORA OLEUM was born out of a deep love for the natural healing properties of plants with a focus on aromatherapeutic traditions and plants cultivated in Monastery gardens.

We truly believe that nature provides us with the best resources for preserving skin’s health and beauty.

By carefully choosing plant based ingredients with the highest therapeutic values we strongly reflect on our philosophy that self-care is sacred:  We cultivate simple daily rituals to enrich your wellbeing.


Our BEAUTIFYING ELXIR is a wonderful luxurious oil that absorbs instantly.

Experience a powerful blend of soothing, healing and rejuvenating plant oils that work in total harmony to leave you with your best skin ever.

Exquisite Damask Rose, gentle Apricot and Jojoba oil as well as pure infusions of healing Echinacea and St. Johns Wort will dramatically change the way your skin behaves, leaving it completely hydrated and nourished providing an all over radiance and glow.

Geranium leaf oil, Frankincense, plant based Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil seriously replenish skin and visibly restore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, firmer and luminous looking skin.



Frankincense promotes regeneration of cells and helps to eliminate sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, take care of scarring and generally tone and tighten skin while simultaneously helping to replace old layers of skin with new, healthy ones.

What we especially like about Frankincense is the holistic aspect of it being a resin and how resins are being released by the Boswellia tree to help seal and heal wounds.


The Queen of all oils soothes, calms, hydrates and nourishes skin to promote a healthy, glowing complexion as the oil is high in antioxidants, and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation. Due to its healing properties, rose can help heal acne, reduce Rosacea and soothe any kind of skin irritation; all while helping with a glowing, lustrous complexion.

Not only will you feel the skin loving benefits of our Rose Damask, you will smell the divine scent immediately when applying The Beautifying Skin Elixir to your face.


The skin’s benefits of patchouli oil are plentiful. It regenerates skin cells, helps fade scars and it tightens and tones sagging skin, which makes it indispensable as an anti-aging agent.

Because of patchouli’s anti- inflammatory properties, it can calm skin problems such as sunburn, acne, eczema and other forms of dermatitis. It regulates sebum production and helps treat acne and prevents clogged pores and black heads. As you can see Patchouli really is a multi-tasker.


St John’s Wort is a go-to herb in natural medicine for its uplifting yet stabilizing aroma. It is nerve calming and anxiety reducing. With its calming, soothing and renewing properties, St Jon’s Wort comforts dry, sensitive or even irritated skin accompanied by redness. It even works wonders on Rosacea prone skin.

We couldn’t help to add St John’s Wort to The Beautifying Skin Elixir because of what it is: a calming and stress relieving botanical! 


You may know Echinacea as a botanical to combat colds and flus. Within skincare this beautiful flower is a bit under-the-radar, but it is actually a real superstar ingredient!

Being highly anti-inflammatory it helps by improving hydration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, brightening skin with an instant glow! But even more: Just as in fighting the flu and speeding up the immune system, Echinacea activates skin to naturally decrease inflammation, fight harmful bacteria to reduce spots and skin irritations.